Daily Topic for May 12, 2007

Romans 5:1
"Therefore, since we have been justified through faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ."

We, unrighteous sinners, have been justified by faith through our Lord Jesus. And that justification has given us peace with the God of the universe, the Ruler and Lord of all. Yet all around us we see a world that has no peace. Countries fight over rocks in the ocean, religious groups fight over the hearts and minds of their adherents and families fight over what TV programs to watch. If Jesus Christ is the key to individual peace with God, He is certainly the key to peace in families, within countries and between countries and peoples.

Pray that the Prince of Peace will use us to spread the good news of His peace to every nation.

Sunni Muslim Syrian Arabs in Mexico

Omar, a teenaged Syrian Muslim, was puzzled. He stood preparing the meat for customers at the food stand wondering what his Mexican Christian customer meant. Jesus? Yes, He was a great prophet. His imam had taught him that. The imam also told him that Christians believed in three gods. This Christian told Omar that God is One, and that the only way to salvation was through Jesus. What a weird idea!

Omar is a Syrian Arab living in Mexico. He is part of an unreached people group, according to the Joshua Project. Though there are Christians in Syria, evangelization efforts among Syrian Arabs are often challenging due to restrictions in many of the countries where they live. Syrian Arabs in Mexico live within easy reach of believers, if those believers make the effort to reach them with the love of Christ.

Learn more at joshuaproject.net

Ask for the Holy Spirit to draw the hearts of Syrian Arabs to seek out and find their true Savior. Pray for Mexican believers to clearly point the way to Christ for those whose hearts are ready. Ask that they be discipled and stand strong in the Lord. Pray that they will go as His witnesses to their Muslim neighbors.

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