Daily Topic for May 03, 2007

Romans 1:14, 15
"I am obligated both to Greeks and non-Greeks, both to the wise and the foolish...to preach the gospel."

Paul’s obligation was not a promise, or a formal contract, but a demand deep within his conscience. Rather than leisurely carrying out some religious responsibility, Paul eagerly fulfilled his debt of gratitude to the One who had paid a great price for his salvation. We, too, are under such an obligation. Imagine the impact of scattered fellowships of believers across the globe who fulfill their obligation to preach the gospel in order to reap a harvest among all peoples! Have you and your church recognized your obligation to proclaim the gospel?


Pray for North American Christians to be Salt and Light

(Continued from yesterday)

I currently serve as the International Director of Technology developing the web site, researching recording equipment, training national recordists, and producing new translations. In my experience working with many ministries, I find that TGSP and the tools we craft are some of the most effective Christian tools in the world today as evidenced by the thousands of reports we receive every year. I realize that God has me in a strategic position. Spending two days in the studio producing a translation potentially leads to hundreds of thousands knowing Jesus Christ as their Lord. How ironic, the very question about “Who is God?” that led me to my four-year search for the answer is the same one God allows me to answer for others through God’s Story.

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Pray for God to be incarnated in believers of North America and Caribbean so that their lives are the message. Pray for re-energizing the Body of Christ in North America and the Caribbean to come alongside the rapidly emerging harvest forces from around the world. Pray for those who have migrated or come as students, overseas foreign workers, immigrants and refugees, to find Jesus as their teacher, resource, refuge, and friend. Pray for God to empower believers to creatively build friendships and to connect with those who are different than they are in language, culture, or belief in order to share His love with them.

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