Daily Topic for April 30, 2007

Acts 28:28
"Therefore I want you to know that God's salvation has been sent to the Gentiles, and they will listen."

The final scene of the book of Acts is a familiar one-Jewish leaders arguing with Paul about who should receive God’s blessings, Jews or Greeks. We can picture Paul shaking his head and quoting Isaiah’s description of Israel’s spiritual callousness (28:26-27). Paul’s audience had not listened to the prophets or to Jesus, and now they rejected Paul as well. He wanted them to realize that their hardness of heart was one reason for his focus on the Gentiles. The book of Acts ends as it begins, with God’s concern that the Church should proclaim His salvation to all the nations.

Father, show Yourself strong on our behalf as we bear the Name of Jesus to the unreached peoples.

Jewish People of Panama

Isaac, an Orthodox Jewish believer from Israel, was very appreciative of what he saw Moises doing. He asked, “How long have you been providing kosher foods for our Jewish families in Panama?” Moises replied, “My family has been in the kosher food business here for 40 years. All the chicken and meat is butchered right here near the store under the supervision of Rabbi Levy. Many Christians and Muslims come because they want our good kosher food, and this has helped to build goodwill between us.”

The majority of the 8,000 Jews living in Panama are Sephardic, and part of the Orthodox sector. The families trace their roots back to the time when the Panama Canal was opened in the early 20th century. In the last two decades, Jews immigrating into Panama have tripled in number. Many are from Israel. Because of their adherence to Orthodox Judaism, the majority of these Jewish people do not assimilate into their community. They are respected in Panama for their hard work and professionalism.

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Pray that Christians will be given many opportunities to develop friends with these faithful Jews that can lead to wonderful discussions about God and the Bible. May many of these Jews come to know Jesus as their personal Messiah.-PD

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