Daily Topic for April 25, 2007

Acts 18:6
"From now on I will go to the Gentiles."

Paul was in Corinth preaching in the synagogue and “solemnly testifying to the Jews that Jesus was the Messiah.” They resisted him and blasphemed. He was then free to go to the Gentiles with a clear conscience. Paul’s example holds lessons for us. He was intent on focusing on those who were responsive to the good news. His obligation to the Jews did not blind him to their resistance. His cry, and the cry of many today is, “How can I stay among a people who have every chance to hear the gospel, yet reject it, when so many have not yet had one chance to hear?”

Father, teach us our duty to both the resistant and the responsive peoples of our day.

Afghan Muslims in Guyana

Exotic African and Asian influences mix in Guyana, South America! Political differences brought turmoil after Guyana gained its independence from England. Ethnic violence has erupted many times in past years. People of South Asian descent, like the Urdus and the Pushtuns often face violence in Guyana. The Pushtuns are Sunni Muslims, a religious group that makes up about 12 percent of Guyana’s population. We know little about the Afghan Muslims in Guyana, but God knows every heart’s need. He alone is able to bring peace and unity.

Many Afghan Muslims with the last name of Kahn have a long history of resisting the British and others in authority. Some fit the profile of “firebrand Pushtuns,” an image that their cousins in Afghanistan are trying to shake. Part of their code of honor is to root out what they consider injustice. There are a large number of Khans in Guyana. Afghan Muslims have served Guyana as soldiers.

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Pray that the Afghan Muslim people in Guyana will turn to the Prince of Peace. Ask the Holy Spirit to give them no rest until they rest in Jesus Christ. Ask the Holy Spirit to draw them to the Father God through the blood sacrifice of Jesus Christ. May we stand with reborn Kahns in heaven, worshipping the only true and living God.-AK

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