Daily Topic for April 21, 2007

Acts 13:46-47
"...we now turn to the Gentiles."

Many Jews and Gentile proselytes responded favorably to Paul’s sermon. But the Jewish leaders of the city soon became jealous, resenting Paul’s sudden popularity. More than this, they resented his assertion that the gospel was intended for Gentiles as well as for Jews and the fact that “undeserving” Gentiles were eager to respond! Unfortunately this same aloofness is often characteristic of contemporary Christians. Reports of mission breakthroughs and proposals for new advances are often greeted with yawns. In spite of this, growing numbers of believers are responding with faith and enthusiasm.

Father, we delight at what You are doing throughout the earth!

Animistic Lambayeque Quechua People of Peru

It was a glorious sunny day, and people were dressed in their finest. The day was filled with celebration, laughter and color. Visitors had come from far and near. After a parade to the village square, there were speeches, songs and abundant food. 

What was the occasion? It was the dedication of the completed New Testament in the Lambayeque Quechua dialect! The village was Inkawasi, high in the mountains of Peru. A Christian policeman led the singing of the Peruvian national anthem. There were presentations of the New Testament to various authorities and to the churches which supported the translation work through the years. When the ribbons were cut to open the New Testaments, two white doves were released representing the two areas where the language is spoken. God was surely well pleased that day! Attendance included Wycliffe International partners in Bible translation around the world, as well as Peruvians. 

God’s Word has great power in drawing people unto Himself, and when the people can both hear and read it in their own tongue, they can know the truth, and that truth can set them free. Literacy for Lambayeque Quechuas is low, less than one percent. So there is a tremendous opportunity for evangelists and teachers to teach these people to read in their own language.

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Pray to the Lord of the harvest to send forth laborers to these people and teach them to understand their New Testament. Pray for rapid efforts to raise the literacy rate.-JS

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