Daily Topic for April 17, 2007

Acts 11:17-18
"So if God gave them the same gift as He gave us, who believed in the Lord Jesus Christ, who was I to think that I could oppose God!"

Peter’s newly-formed vision for the Gentiles came to an immediate test. When he returned to Jerusalem, Jewish Christians accused him of associating and eating with uncircumcised men, something which was forbidden by Jewish ceremonial law. But Peter systematically explained to his detractors the sequence of events which had occurred at Caesarea-from his initial vision to the outpouring of the Spirit on the believing Gentiles.

Today let us pray that we do not hinder God from blessing the nations of the earth through our disobedience and selfishness, or perhaps through our simple disinterest in people who are different from us.

Animistic Koruba People of Brazil

The little girl was unaware of the danger; she continued to be lulled to sleep traveling on her mother’s back. Nor was her mother aware of the unseen danger that lurked above as they paused beneath a tree. Quietly, from its home on a tree branch, the giant brown boa constrictor called an anaconda slithered down, dropped onto the child’s small body, wound itself around her and squeezed with deadly power until she was dead. 

The mother belongs to the smaller of two parts of the Koruba tribe, one of the many little-known tribes that live in Brazil’s Amazon rain forest. The location of the larger group of Korubas is still unknown. The Koruba people find their dietary needs met by the prevalence of monkeys and antelope. Both men and women use the red dye from the uruco tree to provide make-up with which they paint themselves.

Because of inter-tribal conflicts and violence from loggers, a government agency, FUNAI, has marked off the boundaries of this tribe and many others. The goal of FUNAI is to prevent further contact between isolated tribes and modern society. In doing so, they have prevented foreign diseases from entering indigenous communities. But they have also blocked efforts of missionaries who want to share the life-changing gospel.

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Pray for God to inspire believers from neighboring tribes with ways to let them know that God loves them and wants them to be part of His family.-MC

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