Daily Topic for April 16, 2007

Acts 10:43
"All the prophets testify about Him that everyone who believes in Him receives forgiveness of sins through His Name."

After meeting Cornelius the Roman centurion, Peter began explaining the gospel to him and to those assembled. While he was preaching, the Holy Spirit fell on all those listening (v. 44). But the Jewish believers who came with Peter were amazed that the Holy Spirit had been poured out on Gentiles! They couldn’t believe their ears! Again God dramatically emphasized that His blessings were not for Jewish believers alone, but for all the nations. How often will He have to emphasize that fact for us?


Animistic Tupinamba (Tupi) People of Brazil

The Tupinamba warrior stealthily crept up on an enemy tribesman and inwardly anticipated the feast his family would have that night. He wielded an accurate blow to his enemy’s head with his club. His prey, momentarily stunned, fell to the ground. Quickly regaining his awareness, terror stricken and knowing the reputation of the other tribe, he scrambled to escape.

This happened many years ago when the Tupinamba tribe practiced ritual cannibalism on prisoners of war and the children of captive women. They believed their shaman had supernatural powers with which the shaman could ward off evil and cure sickness. Cannibalism was a means towards spiritual power.

In the first two or three centuries of Brazilian history many Portuguese colonists communicated with the local Indians with a trade language largely based on the Tupinamba variant of the Tupi language. At that time the Tupinambas were one of the dominant peoples in this part of the world. 

Today these people are primarily farmers, fishermen, hunters and gatherers. They are now one of several culturally related tribal groups living in the eastern lowland area of South America who have yet to hear the gospel.

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Pray that God’s followers from outside will increase in numbers as they rightly proclaim the gospel of His love to the Tupinambas. Pray that the eyes of their hearts will be open to the truth of Christ and His ways.-MC

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