Daily Topic for April 12, 2007

Acts 8:25
"When they had testified and proclaimed the Word of the Lord, Peter and John returned to Jerusalem, preaching the gospel in many Samaritan villages."

Peter and John took Philip’s example to heart, and began evangelizing among the Samaritan unbelievers. They, too, had become cross-cultural missionaries. But they did their preaching “on their way back to Jerusalem.” Were they really only first century short-term missionaries? Today there are many short-term opportunities for Christians to serve on the mission field. Perhaps, resulting from such service, many of these people will commit their entire lives to missionary careers. Many older missionaries soon will be retiring, leaving wide gaps in present fields. Ripe frontier mission fields still beckon for necessary workers.

Pray for more career missionaries to go to the unreached peoples.

Animistic Enawene-Nawe people of Brazil

“Missed again!” Haraui threw down his bow in disgust after missing an easy shot at a wild boar. Just to add to his humiliation, his wife had a successful hunt that day. By the time he got home, she had meat and wild sweet potatoes boiling in a ceramic pot. “Don’t just stand there, go gather some firewood!” She demanded when he walked up to the fire. He said, “I never miss that many boars in a day. I must have offended the gods. We will need to use some of tonight’s meat to make a food offering.” She waved her hand at him and replied, “Yes, but for right now, get me some wood; the fire will go out soon.”

Haraui is one of the 300 Enawene-Nawe people who live on an Indian reservation in Brazil. Unlike many tribal peoples, both men and women hunt and fish. It’s the men who collect firewood. They also build canoes for the region’s many rivers. But the women are more like other tribes around the world in that they are the ones who make ceramic pots and hammocks. 

The Enawene-Nawe people live in fear of the spirit world, and they do not know the One who has control over the demons. They speak their own language, and missionaries are not allowed in their part of Brazil.

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Pray that the Enawene-Nawe people will soon put their faith in Jesus to protect them from the evil spirit world, and serve Him alone.-KC

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