Daily Topic for April 10, 2007

Acts 8:4
"Those who had been scattered preached the Word wherever they went."

Throughout history God has called His people to become missionaries by means of several mechanisms. We are most familiar with the voluntary mechanism; that is, missionaries going out voluntarily. But much of the expansion of the church has been due to the involuntary mechanism of Christians being captured or expelled against their will and coming into contact with non-believers. Acts 8 was just such a case!

Lord, thank You for yet another glimpse of Your determination to bring blessings to all nations. Help us to be willing and eager servants who will gladly sing Your praise among the nations.

Animistic Tapeba People of Brazil

They lost their language, now considered by some people as a “dirty” language. They lost their land, now mostly someone else’s. Yet they still retain their native religion, Animism. They believe that spirits inhabit the natural world and that they must worship them or suffer the consequences.

The Tapeba people of the Brazilian state of Cerara are an indigenous people who work in agriculture, or in towns and cities. They now speak Portuguese, the national language of Brazil. They have a small reservation on the Cerara River. Although freedom to evangelize exists by law in Brazil, national, state, or tribal governments often restrict outsiders’ access to Indian reserves.

The Tapebas are a people who need to know the good news of Jesus Christ, lest they lose their souls, a far greater loss than language or land (Mark 8:36). They need to exchange Animism for a loving relationship with Jesus.

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Pray that God will call missionaries to this people and that these missionaries will be allowed to work among them. Pray that Brazilian Christians will reach out to those Tapeba people who work in cities, towns, farms, and ranches. Pray that the Tapebas will turn from evil spirits to Jesus Christ, thereby breaking Satan’s hold on them. Pray for power encounters that will demonstrate God’s power over the false gods they now worship.-TP

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