Daily Topic for April 08, 2007

Acts 5:28
"...you have filled Jerusalem with your teaching."

Chapters five and six of Acts yield several indications that the apostles were obedient to the Lord’s command to be His witnesses in Jerusalem. The number of disciples was quickly getting very large (6:1, 6:7)! But what about the rest of the Lord’s command? Had He not said they should go beyond Jerusalem? Yes! How easy it is to become absorbed in issues close to home and thereby forget the needs of other peoples in other places.

Father, thank You for all You’ve done in our homes and churches through the witness of our spiritual fathers. Keep us from preoccupation with these blessings, and use us to bring blessings to the whole world.

Animistic Nahukwa People of Brazil

Is any people group too small for the Lord to reach? No! Even the 80 Nahukwa Indians of the Xingu National Park are loved by Him and must be reached for Him. Some time ago a group of visiting Christian Indians reported that Nahukwa leaders would welcome Native American nurses and school teachers, as they were urgently needed. This was God’s opening, and thus began a remarkable solidarity between the several groups that inhabit the Xingu National Park and the Terena tribe, the tribe of those visiting Christian Indians. The Terena people set up training programs for both nurses and schoolteachers. Now the search continues for Christian partners around the world who will pray for the project. Some Indians expressed an eagerness at once for the training program, even though the training facilities are some distance away from the Xingu National Park.

Learn more at joshuaproject.net

Pray for many more Nahukwa people to be willing to go for this vital training, and for Christians worldwide to help support the outreach. As the Nahukwa train, pray that they will also find their own deep spiritual needs being met, that in turn many others will meet Jesus as Savior and Lord, because of His love demonstrated through them.-MH

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