Daily Topic for April 07, 2007

Acts 4:12
"...there is no other name under heaven given to men by which we must be saved."

The Jewish leaders arrested Peter and John after Peter’s sermon in front of the temple. The charges against them were that they had taught the people about Jesus’ resurrection and had healed the cripple in His name. Peter’s defense the next day was characteristically simple, yet powerful. He once again testified of Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection, and charged the Jewish leaders with rejecting Him, God’s Messiah. He affirmed that the stone the builders rejected had become the Chief Cornerstone. Jesus, and Jesus alone, is the only Way to salvation.

Father, this day we remember those peoples who have not yet heard that Jesus died and rose again to bring them life.

Animistic Trumai People of Brazil

If you think paintball, the messy war-game popular with teenaged boys, is a recent phenomenon, you are wrong! The Trumai people of Brazil have played their own version for generations. The Trumais include this contest in their annual “Jawari” ritual. The observance comes from their belief that the Sun and Moon contested with each other during the creation. Around the month of July, ritual disputes are contested between two individuals, each from a different tribe. They hide behind various objects and shoot darts-blunted with bits of wax-at their opponent.

The Trumais live on the edge of a protected region of interior Brazil. They almost dwindled into extinction. But in recent years their numbers have slowly grown to just over 100.

They live a very isolated life on the Upper Xingu River. While their home villages are close to others, they do not mix with the neighbors. In this protected region, the government prohibits efforts to lead them to a religion other than their ancient Animism. However, a few of their young people have moved to urban areas to receive education.

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Pray that some of these students will come to Christ and take the message home. Pray that God will raise up an evangelist among nearby tribes who can take them the gospel.-EF

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