Daily Topic for April 05, 2007

Acts 3:25-26
"Through your offspring all peoples on earth will be blessed."

Immediately after Peter and John healed the crippled man at the entrance to the temple, Peter seized the opportunity for an evangelistic message. He quickly reviewed for his Jewish audience God’s plan in sending the Messiah and reminded them of what the prophets had said about Him. Then he affirmed to his listeners, “You are the heirs of the prophets and of the covenant God made with our fathers.”

Lord Jesus, we acknowledge that we, too, are sons and daughters of Abraham through faith in You. Bless the unreached peoples through our faith and obedience.

Jews of Uruguay

“Historically, Uruguay’s four different Jewish communities, the Ashkenazi, Sephardic, German and Hungarian, have always been able to assist their own poor, but this is not the case now! Professionals, business people and others of our Jewish community have lost their jobs and income. Many of these people are barely making enough to sustain their basic needs. Yet many have turned to their faith more than every before. They need our help now!” (This was reported to a very concerned staff by Alejandro Kladniew, the Argentinean director of the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committees.)

Uruguayans are proud of their tradition of tolerance, their general acceptance of minorities, and their attitude toward Jews. For this reason the Jews of Uruguay have found it easy to assimilate into the culture. Most follow traditional Judaism, and Orthodox Judaism is very prevalent.

The current economic stress has greatly affected the 15,000 Jewish people. Unlike their neighbors in Argentina, the Jewish people of Uruguay are not likely to immigrate to Israel. They are seeking answers from Jewish groups outside their country.

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Pray that God will draw Uruguayan Jews spiritually closer to believers in Christ, and that they will be open to knowing the salvation that God has provided for them through Jesus. Pray that the rise of anti-Semitism found in countries around them will not penetrate Uruguay.-PD

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