Daily Topic for April 03, 2007

Acts 2:12
"What does this mean?"

What amazed the foreign-born Jews who heard the disciples was the fact that those obviously uneducated Galileans were speaking all their languages. How could this be? We might also ask why God enabled the apostles to communicate in the languages of all those foreign-born Jews. Perhaps God wanted to reinforce to the disciples His command to proclaim good news to all nations-including the people groups whose languages they now so miraculously spoke.

Father, use the testimony of Your servants to satisfy the spiritual hunger of the world’s unreached peoples.

Animistic Kabixi People of Brazil

(Continued from yesterday)

Later that same man moved to my village. One day he told me more about the Great Spirit and about His Son whom he sent to show us the way to his beautiful land. My spirits made a great fuss inside my chest. I liked to listen to him talk about the Great Spirit. I explained to him that this spirit was our enemy, an unfriendly spirit. But he told me that He wasn’t our enemy, that He loves Yanomamo people. Then he said, “You only think he’s your enemy because your spirits hate him. He’s your friend.” It would take me much time to think these strange thoughts. And whenever I thought them, every spirit inside me shook again with fear. 

Then one day the chief of all our spirits came to me to win me back to his side. Then a great light, whiter than the sun, hit us both. Something grabbed me and a voice said, “You can’t have him; he’s mine.” I will never forget the look of fear on that spirit’s face when he ran off into the jungle. And all the rest of my spirits ran too. From that time to now I have been following Jesus. Nothing has been the same. In one village where I visited, they gave me my own special name. Because I treated their ladies with respect, they named me, “Doesn’t Grab Women.” Foreigners always laugh when they hear this story. But it’s not funny to me; it shows how different my life is today.

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