Daily Topic for March 31, 2007

John 21:24
"This is the disciple who testifies to these things and who wrote them down. We know that his testimony is true."

Through the centuries, the four gospels have been an inspiration to countless millions. Not only do we have the powerful, matchless words of Christ, but also we have the assurance by John, an eyewitness, that this gospel is true. Did John do this for personal gain? Considering that he died in exile, this is hardly the case. All John knew is what he saw, the mighty and wonderful things done by God the Son. Shouldn’t we, like John before us, go to tell a dying world of the only One who can give them life? How they need to know of the matchless hope given by our Lord!

Holy Spirit, may you open the hearts and minds of those lost without Christ this coming month as we pray for them to become free indeed.

Sunni Muslim Moroccan Arabs in Spain

Moroccan Sunni Muslims are chasing the good life. Will they find it in Spain? Moroccans, who are nearly 100 percent Sunni Muslim, dream of the day when they can emigrate to Spain to find a better life there where unemployment is lower, and income is higher.

Omar’s story is typical. He was just 17 when he stole aboard a freight truck in Tangier, Morocco. Omar burrowed into the truck’s cargo. The truck prepared to board the ferry that would carry it across the eight-mile passage over the straits of Gibraltar. Border police began their routine search of the truck for illegal immigrants. To Omar’s relief, the police didn’t find him. On his first day in Spain, a lawyer picked up Omar. Omar found his way to a center in Madrid aptly named Merced, which means “mercy.” Catholic Father Perez, who runs this center, knows that these immigrants will need to learn Spanish and a vocation in order to survive in Spain. Since minors are not deported, the population of Moroccan youths in Madrid has soared. This is a daunting challenge for Father Perez. Three years later, Omar has mixed feelings about his decision. Omar says wistfully, “If I knew then what I know now, I wouldn’t have come.”

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Pray that Christians will befriend these lonely Moroccans, and show them to a new home in Jesus.-CH

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