Daily Topic for March 30, 2007

John 21:6
"Throw out your net on the right side of the boat and you will find some."

John’s gospel ends with an account that in many ways gives us a vivid picture of Jesus’ commission. The obedience of the disciples to Jesus’ word not only gave them a great catch of fish, but also opened their eyes to recognize Him. In that recognition was deep fellowship. And out of that fellowship, as it did for Peter, comes our commission to feed and care for others. Let us renew our lives afresh to Christ’s great cause of revealing His love to all the peoples of the earth.

Master, we want to know You and follow You. Reveal Yourself afresh to us as we bring Your revelation to others.

Sunni Muslim Wolof People in Spain and France

“You’re young, you’re Senegalese and you see no future at home. So do you want to break into Fortress Europe to have a chance at a better life? Why not consider the ‘D-Day Package,’” suggests one tongue-in-cheek website in Senegal. And thousands are leaving Senegal, not for the beaches of Normandy but for the shores of the Canary Islands (belonging to Spain). The website adds, “It’s imperative to wear a life jacket…and under no circumstances take your passport with you.” Three thousand illegal immigrants packed into a flotilla of small fishing boats landed in one week alone last September. Deplorable economic conditions have sent the Senegalese fleeing to both Spain’s and France’s shores.

Most of these immigrants are Wolof, a very ancient ethnic group populating Senegal and Gambia. The Muslim Wolofs have three distinct social classes, and they seldom intermarry: the freeborn, the slaves, and the artisans. Although Spain is being bombarded with illegal immigrants, France has 35,000 Wolofs living within its borders. There are a large number of Christian resources available to the Wolofs, and although mission agencies have targeted them, few Wolofs have accepted Jesus. Pray for laborers who are sensitive to their Muslim culture to work among the Wolofs.

Learn more at joshuaproject.net

Pray that their traditional Muslim culture will weaken, creating open doors for the gospel to be shared with them.-JS

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