Daily Topic for March 25, 2007

John 10:16
"I have other sheep that are not of this sheep pen. I must bring them also.... and they shall be one flock with one shepherd."

The gospels provide us with four perspectives on the Lord Jesus, each emphasizing some particular aspect of His person. Yet each gospel clearly presents His command to take the good news to the entire world. Here we read Jesus’ gentle reminder of the global nature of the good news. “Other sheep” may be understood as “other nations,” or “other peoples.” Let us exhort each other in the church to remember all the other sheep-of “every tongue, tribe, people, and nation that are not yet in the fold!”

Let us think and pray about how we can share the news of Jesus with the “other sheep”-the unreached peoples of the world.

Buddhist Khmer People in France

Grandmother’s voice raised as she scolded the teenaged boy who was racing towards the back door. “Arun, you know it’s time to go to temple. Your mother is conducting the service. Now get ready!” Arun and his best buddy, Bourey, slipped out the door and pretended they didn’t hear.

As they hustled down the street, Bourey asked, “Arun, what did she mean that your mother is conducting service at temple?” He replied, “There are not enough Buddhist monks to maintain services at the temples. Some devout women here in Paris have to do it. That’s why Grandmother is on my case to be a monk all the time.” Bourey exploded in laughter. “You? That’s a good one! Religion is for the old folks! Come on, I’ll race you to the cyber café.”

The old ways of Cambodia don’t interest Khmer children who have assimilated into their family’s new homeland of France. Their elders look to the ways of Gautama Buddha to guide their future life. There are about 65,000 Khmer people in France. While Christian materials are available, clearly one half of the community has never heard the gospel.

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Pray for servant-missionaries to go to these displaced families to take the good news in a culturally sensitive way. They need Jesus to show them who they are in light of the future. They need to know how much their Creator longs to love and save them.-PE

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