Daily Topic for March 22, 2007

John 4:32
"I have food to eat that you know nothing about."

To the disciples’ surprise Jesus, again breaking custom, had been talking to a woman while they were gone. And she was no ordinary woman. She was a Samaritan-highly despised by the Jews-and also immoral. Even so, by talking with this woman and speaking to her needs, Jesus was refreshed in a way the disciples knew nothing about. Doing the will of His Father, and finishing His work, was what truly satisfied and sustained Him. How about us? Are we refreshed and sustained by obedience to Christ’s commission? Do we delight to “finish His work” among the nations?

Lord, nourish us by Your Spirit as we help share Your revelation with those to whom it is new.

Muslim Kashmiris in the United Kingdom (U.K.)

Muslims in the United Kingdom (U.K.) have been very much in the headlines the last few years. With its very lenient immigration policies, the U.K. has welcomed immigrants from all over the world. Most are concentrated in large cities such as East London, Birmingham, Liverpool, and Glasgow. Numbering 117,000, Kashmiri Muslims make up a sizeable percentage of these immigrants.

With mandatory, free education for all children, even minorities are required to attend school. However, since many do not advance to secondary schools or universities, Islamic schools provide most of the education they receive. There they are taught Islamic law. Today there are 1,800 mosques and 3,000 Islamic schools in England alone! Despite the U.K.‘s Christian roots, these groups remain virtually unreached with the gospel. Christians have been either apathetic or fearful to witness to Muslims.

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Pray for boldness and effective God-inspired strategies on the part of mission agencies reaching out to the Kashmiri Muslims of the U.K. Ask God to raise up prayer teams who will regularly intercede for this group and push back the spiritual principalities and powers that are keeping them from finding Jesus. Pray for a sweeping evangelical revival in the U.K. similar to those of the past that will lead to massive mission efforts.-JS

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