Daily Topic for March 21, 2007

John 1:29
"Look, the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world!"

In this testimony John the Baptist again pointed to the One who would become the sacrifice for sin sufficient for everyone in the world. John willingly and repeatedly drew attention away from himself toward the One who is worthy of all praise. In response, two of John’s disciples, including the apostle Andrew, immediately began to follow Jesus. They became convinced that they had found the Messiah and in their excitement went to tell others. Here began a dynamic chain reaction of men pointing men to One who could meet their need for forgiveness.

Savior, renew within us the conviction that only faith in You brings forgiveness of sin. Spur us on to new zeal in world evangelization.

Hindu and Muslim Bengalis in England

Do you like being confined in the house all day? Not many people do, even in a country like England where it rains a good part of the time.

It’s especially difficult to get out of the house when you are living in a strange place with a foreign culture. That’s the predicament for many Bengali women living in England, especially the Muslims among them, who have a tradition of keeping their women secluded. Bengalis tend to ghettoize themselves in London, while those in Manchester and Birmingham live in ethnically diverse communities. Assimilating these immigrants is going slowly. Consequently Ramblers’ Associations (walking/hiking clubs) are taking Bengali women on urban strolls to discover the larger world, according to a July 3, 2006 article in “BBC News.” The ladies find companionship and opportunity to chat in Bengali with others from South Asia. It is quite liberating for them to be out on their own. The next goal is to enlist Bengali men in treks.

Learn more at joshuaproject.net

Pray that British Christians and Christian groups will reach out to Bengalis like the Ramblers’ Associations have begun to do. Pray that the Bengali ramblers will find true liberation in Christ. Pray also for InterServe’s Urban Vision program to reach Asians in British cities.-TP

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