Daily Topic for March 20, 2007

John 1:10
"He was in the world, and though the world was made through Him, the world did not recognize Him."

What sad words! Those He loved did not welcome him who loved mankind so much. Today how easy it is to say, “The unreached peoples do not want us. Let’s go to someone who does.” It is also easy to become critical and discouraged when missionaries who are trying to show that they love the unreached peoples are not welcomed with open arms. Yet our missionary God did not wait for us to desire Him. He came incarnate in Jesus to reveal His love in a way we could understand, in a way that wooed us to Himself.

Dear Lord, plant in our hearts Your love for lost peoples.

Pakistani Muslims in the United Kingdom (U.K.)

“Sami, go home!” shouted a young English woman with a Mohawk haircut. “Should I go back to Manchester?” Miriam, a young English woman of Pakistani decent, retorted with a smirk. Miriam’s brother supports the Palestinians and thinks it was awful that London bombers targeted civilians. Years ago, the patriarch of Miriam’s family came to the U.K. to go to college, and he is now a school superintendent. Their mother wants the young woman to marry a relative in Pakistan, an idea Miriam rejects.

This is not the average Pakistani Muslim family in U.K. It is better educated, more British, and more open to the outside world than their friend whose three-year old son wants to be a “jihadi” and kill non-Muslims when he grows up. For that reason, some Muslims believe Miriam’s family is not really faithful to Islam. Yet the children of their critics smoke marijuana and frequent places good Muslims ought not to visit.

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Pray that South Asian Muslims will find that true submission to God comes only through repentance and faith in Jesus before whom all will someday bow (Phil. 2). Pray that British Christians will befriend South Asian Muslims in the name of Jesus. Pray that God’s Holy Spirit will open South Asians to faith in Jesus.-TP

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