Daily Topic for March 18, 2007

John 1:5
"The light shines in the darkness, but the darkness has not understood it."

We in the Western world often consider darkness to be merely the absence of light. The Bible calls it evil and says it is an aggressive force. Nevertheless, John rejoices that this “darkness has not overpowered the light which shines in Jesus.” It was this darkness that caused most of the Jews not to understand the fact that the Messiah truly had come. But they also didn’t understand that Jesus meant to include the Gentiles in His love and blessing.

Lord, we pray that Your church, including our congregations may prevail against spiritual forces intent on obscuring believers’ from understanding Your missionary heart.

Hindu Gujaratis of England

Bumal Patel sounds British when he speaks. His speech, his worldview, and his politics all support this notion. Only his skin color and Hindu religious preference could suggest otherwise.

Bumal was born in Gujarat state, on the west coast of India. His parents immigrated to Leicester, England, shortly after his birth. That was right after the partition of the Subcontinent into India and Pakistan. Thousands of others have immigrated since, forming a large population of south Asians. Gujaratis like Bumal are mostly Patels, a Hindu caste that has created successful businesses in many parts of the West. His family visits the Hindu temple in Leicester-a refitted Baptist church. Their Hindu friends and family form a wide enough network that they rarely have contact with a follower of Christ.

Isn’t it ironic that William Carey-the first modern missionary to India-pastored in Leicester before going to the mission field? Isn’t it interesting that his mission field has now come to Carey’s former home? Isn’t it an opportunity to penetrate this isolated cultural island for Christ?

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Pray that Christians in England will open their hearts to show Christ to their immigrant neighbors. Pray that the new generation of Gujaratis will feel the Holy Spirit’s call on their hearts. Pray that the few workers in this ripe field will multiply.-EF

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