Daily Topic for March 17, 2007

John 1:1
"In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God."

In this opening statement of John’s gospel we catch a glimpse of one of the essential characteristics of God: He is a missionary God who carries within His heart the desire to communicate His Word. Not only is He the Creator of mankind, but He is the Communicator to mankind. This communication was culminated at the birth of Jesus Christ when “the Word became flesh,” and John highlights this “one solitary life” from His early days of ministry to His resurrection on Easter morning. Christ’s life is our pattern of how we are to effectively communicate God’s love to the ends of the earth.

Father, thank You for revealing Yourself. We trust in Your grace as we, too, walk among the needy peoples.

Hindi-Speaking Hindus in Ireland and England

Today is St. Patrick’s Day! For many, this is a time to drink green beer, tell Irish folk tales and act foolishly. For the more spiritually-minded, it’s a time to remember the great English-Celtic missionary, Patrick, who won almost all of Ireland to Christ in 15 years.

In the early 400s, the Roman Empire was beginning to weaken, and there was a strong church in England. Their Celtic cousins in Ireland had little contact with anything having to do with the Roman Empire, including any form of Christianity. Irish Celtic pirates raided what is now Wales, and took Patrick captive. To make a long story short, he eventually won them to Christ, even at the risk of his life. The Irish went on to become the strongest missionary force in Europe for 400 years.

Today, there are Hindi-speaking Hindus in both Ireland and England. Most of them see no need for any form of Christianity. Though they speak English as a trade language, Hindi is the heart language they speak at home. In the British Isles there is religious freedom to reach them for Christ.

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Pray that the English and Irish believers would rise to the occasion like their Celtic ancestors, and take the gospel to their Hindu neighbors.-KC

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