Daily Topic for March 16, 2007

Luke 24:47
"Repentance for forgiveness of sins will be preached in His name to all the nations, beginning at Jerusalem."

No one is exempt from the necessity of repenting of his or her sins in order to find forgiveness. Nor is any disciple of Jesus excluded from the wonderful responsibility of proclaiming His name to all nations. If all Christians took this obligation more seriously, the nations would quickly hear of the urgent necessity of repentance and the wonderful availability of eternal life. All believers are “witnesses of these things” (vs. 48). Does your witness extend to the nations? Are you praying daily for the world’s unreached peoples? Does at least part of your missions giving go to those places where there is not yet an indigenous church?

Dear Lord, we want to exalt You among the nations.

Buddhist Thai People in Iceland

“Thai Icelandic tea?” repeated Johan, giving his Thai wife, Ricci, a skeptical look. She did her best to keep from laughing. He took a sip of the orange drink she just placed before him. His usual Euro-scowl turned into a slight smile as he said, “Very sweet and tasty! Where did you get this?” She replied, “They have it at the Thai restaurant. It’s actually called ‘Thai iced tea,’ though you won’t find it in Thailand. I thought you might like to try it.”

Ricci is one of the few Thai people who live in Iceland. Many of them, like Ricci, come as mail order brides. Others work in low-paying jobs that require little skill or education. For this reason, the local people often look down upon the Thai and other Asians who migrate to Iceland.

The few Thai people who live in Iceland remain Buddhist, though they probably don’t have the chance to practice their religion given the fact that there are only about 400 Buddhists in Iceland, according to “Operation World.”

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Pray that Youth With A Mission (YWAM) and local church congregations will make a special effort to reach out to the Thai and other Buddhist people in Iceland. Pray that Christians will show unconditional love to the Thai migrants.-KC

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