Daily Topic for March 14, 2007

Luke 20:16
"He will come...and give the vineyard to others."

Jesus was challenging the chief priests, scribes, and elders with a parable illustrating their selfish appropriation of God’s blessings. The slaves sent by the owner of the vineyard represented Israel’s prophets, and the vine growers represented the religious leaders to whom Jesus was speaking. When they heard that the rightful owner would punish their rejection of both prophets and Messiah by giving the vineyard to others, they exclaimed, “May it never be!”

Father, forgive us for being selfish with Your blessings. Transform our hearts and make us faithful stewards of the blessings You have given.

Muslim Somalis in Holland

“Besides criticizing radical Islam, Hirsi Ali, the Somali-born Dutch politician recently said in public that she does not like Christianity either. She further explained that she was an atheist, and her purpose is to help Muslim women who have suffered under the hands of radical Islamic leaders. Because she lied about her background, the Dutch decided to deport her, and she is now working at a think tank in the U.S. It really upsets me that this woman could have done so much good for Muslim women but is so closed to anything related to God! We really need to pray!” The Christian woman, working among Muslim women in Holland, was telling the prayer group how much this situation needed intercession.

There are around 560,000 asylum seekers in the Netherlands, mainly Muslims from Iran, Afghanistan, Uganda, and Somalia. Over a million Muslims from Turkey and Morocco live in the Netherlands, and most of these came to find work.

Holland’s days of vibrant Christianity are long gone. Spiritual liberalism and loose morals have caused decay in Dutch society. These things leave Muslims with a bad impression of Christians. They do not understand the difference between Christians and secularists.

Learn more at joshuaproject.net

Pray that God will fan into white-hot flames the embers of the Dutch Church. Pray that Dutch believers will reach out to the Muslims in their land. Pray that Hirsi Ali will receive the Lord, and will begin to lead Muslim women to Jesus.-PD

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