Daily Topic for March 12, 2007

Luke 19:9
"Today salvation has come to this house, because this man, too, is a son of Abraham."

The gospels reveal that Jesus frequently acted contrary to the expectations of those around Him. Luke uses some of these incidents to show that Jesus’ mission was for all nations. Fellow Jews regarded Zacchaeus, a tax collector and “sinner,” as a traitor, an apostate who was defiled by his frequent dealings with the Roman oppressors. But Jesus visited Zacchaeus’ house. The people muttered, “He has gone to be the guest of a sinner.” Why? They didn’t understand that Jesus had come to seek and save the lost-even outcasts and “sinners.”

Lord, give us Your love for the lowest and least of earth’s people.

Muslim Afghans in Austria

“Saliha, this is Adrian from International Organization for Migration (IOM) and we have completed the arrangements for you and your five children to return to Kabul, Afghanistan. We will give you money and a place to live for a month.” Saliha’s eyes grew big as she replied, “Do I have to go?” The Austrian worker stated, “Our government has been enforcing the regulations that most Afghan refugees must begin their return, either as a voluntary act or involuntary one. You have told me that life has been hard for you in Vienna.” “That is true, but here we are safe!” “Saliha, I’m sorry but I have no control over this. You will have to leave Austria.”

Austria is the current home for an estimated 31,000 Afghan refugees. Some who are educated have sought and received permanent asylum in Europe or elsewhere. Others are being strongly encouraged by the Austrian government to return to Afghanistan.

Most Austrians identify themselves as Roman Catholic, but the majority do not attend a church. Ministries such as Campus Crusade and Navigators have been reaching out in Vienna to over 120,000 university students, including 15,000 Muslims.

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Pray for revival in Austrian churches. Pray that the work of Christian ministries among students will result in an effective witness to Afghans and other Muslim refugees who may have to return home. May these Afghan refugees return with the gift of God’s Word and His hope.-PD

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