Daily Topic for March 09, 2007

Luke 4:27
"There were many in Israel with leprosy in the time of Elisha the prophet, yet not one of them was cleansed-only Naaman the Syrian."

These words of Jesus spoke of a foundational Old Testament model of His own ministry, but His words infuriated those in Nazareth’s synagogue. Why? Jesus was revealing that His mission was to the Gentiles as well as to the people of Israel, and the Jews in the synagogue could not stand to hear of such impartiality. “How terribly selfish,” we might say to ourselves. But isn’t this something we very subtly do when we think and act as if following Jesus will take us no further than our church, our people, our country? Will we confess our narrowness and follow Jesus in His mission?

Yes, Lord, we will! Forgive us for the selfishness which too often robs others of the gift of life.

Sunni Muslim Turks in Germany

A wall, invisible to the naked eye, is nevertheless a real barrier for a little Turkish girl in Berlin to accept a reward for excellent grades in her school. Her refusal marked the reality of change in the make-up of her neighborhood.

Today in her section of Berlin, Germany, the custom of women wearing headscarves and completely covering their bodies is more prevalent among the increasing numbers of Turkish women than in 1991 when her school’s principal first came to the area. The girl asked if Gummi Bears (her reward) were made of gelatine, which sometimes comes from pork. After investigation, the principal discovered they were. Because Muslims are required by their religion to refrain from eating pork, the girl refused her reward.

This girl is one of the third generation Turkish communities in Germany. There are 2,700,000 Turks there, most of whom live in cities including Berlin, Frankfurt and Hamburg. The borough of Kreuzberg in Berlin is sometimes called the second largest Turkish city in Europe, after Istanbul. Like the Kurds we prayed for yesterday, Turks first came to Germany as cheap labor.

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Pray that God will give the Christian missionaries currently working among these people many souls for Christ.-MC

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