Daily Topic for March 03, 2007

Luke 1:54, 55
"He has helped His servant Israel, remembering to be merciful to Abraham and his descendants forever, even as He said to our fathers"

Mary praised God for giving her this baby, whom she recognized as a fulfillment of God’s covenant with Abraham. Jesus, son of David and son of Abraham, is the fulfillment and the foundation of God’s heart desire to bestow blessing after blessing. Though God had seen Israel stray far from obeying Him, He once again in great mercy and compassion, was drawing the nation back to Himself because of His covenant with Abraham. And this was not only for Israel’s sake, but also for all nations that were to be blessed through Abraham. The people of God in every age are confronted with a choice: will we give or hoard what we’ve freely received?

Lord, use the blessings in our hands to bless other peoples!

North Africans in Portugal

Some years later, God opened the doors for me to study in a Bible Institute in western Europe. I know now that God’s plan for me was to serve Him as a musician and to compose songs for Him. I want to completely dedicate my life to Him. At the moment, He lets me play the guitar for a famous secular band. We have visited several European countries, and I have been able to testify of Christ as an artist, even to some famous Muslims who had dropped their Islamic convictions in order to follow alcohol, money, fame and secularism.

I also serve alongside a missionary couple in the planting of a church of African Muslims coming to faith here in Portugal. We work together to share the gospel through ministries in a hospital and a language academy. The area where we live has numerous Muslims, many of whom can only read and write Arabic. In teaching them to read and write in other languages, we can help them practically and share God’s love with them. Pray for God to fill my hands with fruit for His glory!

Learn more at joshuaproject.net

Pray for the few believers among the least-reached groups in western Europe to continue to grow in their faith in Jesus. Pray for others to join in fearlessly sharing their faith with the Fulanis and other immigrant groups as well as all the 230+ least-reached groups living in western Europe.  Pray for those who have heard the Word to come to know Jesus fully and for wisdom, clarity and skill for those who share the Word among all these groups.

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