Daily Topic for March 02, 2007

Luke 1:32, 33
"The Lord God will give Him the throne of His father David, and He will reign over the house of Jacob forever; His kingdom will never end."

Imagine being told by an angel what your baby will one day become! It happened to Mary. These words are fulfillment of Nathan’s prophecy to King David that his dynasty would rule forever and also a fulfillment of the promise given to Abraham that kings would come from his lineage. And this son of David was surely one through whom the everlasting covenant established with Abraham would bring blessing to all nations.

Our King, rule more fully over us that we might better declare Your praise to the nations who do not know Your Name.

Pray for God’s Boldness for Missionaries in Europe

(Continued from yesterday) At the age of 17, I, Lasana, was born again. One day in secondary school, I experienced a strange thing. A voice spoke within me, but nobody was speaking with me. I felt God say that now was the time for me to come to Him because He had a plan for my life. I left the class, and when my friends followed, I said to them, “I must give my life to Jesus.” They were shocked because they knew that I was Muslim. They had never known anyone who converted from Islam to Christianity.

I went directly to the mission headquarters to tell Miss Isabel. It was such a surprise for her! She asked me many times if I truly wanted to convert. She was very glad but concerned for the consequences from my family and their threats. Miss Isabel guided me to receive Christ. I knelt down and confessed my sins. I felt totally free.

Of course my family was shocked and furious. They stopped any economic support for school. They began to criticize me daily, sometimes to the point of verbal torture. My friends scorned me. In spite of all my family did and said to me, I continued with my new faith. (Continued tomorrow)

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Pray for God to grant boldness to members of unreached people groups in Europe to embrace Christ.

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