Daily Topic for March 01, 2007

Luke 1:4
"So that you may know the certainty of the things you have been taught."

Many accounts of the life of Jesus Christ have been written. In February we examined two of those accounts, written by Matthew and Mark. This month we’ll look at Luke and John’s gospels. These four gospels give ample and authoritative evidence about Jesus’ life and ministry, and they are sufficient to remind us of our calling in this world. What Jesus has begun is to be continued through His Church, and that is, namely, to “make disciples of all nations.”

Father, we want to shun insignificant or selfish pursuits. May our work count for Your glory and for the blessing of the nations.

Muslim Fulani People in Portugal

My name is Lasana. Although today I live in Portugal, I was born and raised in Bissau, capital of Guinea Bissau, west Africa. I grew up in a Fulani Muslim family. We lived next door to the Evangelical Mission headquarters. Through daily exposure to these missionaries and their teachings, my family came to admire them. My father was a respected man in our community and a devout follower of Islam. Thus, we could not attend the church services next door.

This proximity did influence us, however. One of the missionary women was well known because she helped many people. My brothers and I grew up listening to her stories from the Bible. When we were older we began to visit the mission to play with the children of the missionaries.

Around the age of 12, I met a missionary named Stan who showed great love to my family. When my mama was very ill, he helped take care of her. My family drew very close to Stan.

Three years later, Stan was forced to return to his homeland due to illness. However, we continued to write one another. Two other people at the mission were tremendous help to me during those days. One was the missionary’s daughter who taught me to play the guitar. The second was a missionary named Miss Isabel. I could always ask her anything about the Bible or about Stan’s letters. (Continued tomorrow)

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Pray for missionaries in Europe to be good ambassadors of Christ.

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