Daily Topic for February 27, 2007

Mk. 13:10
"And the gospel must first be preached to all the nations"

Christians expect Christ, in response to His promise, to return to earth at any time. Yet our verse for today reminds us of the importance God places on obedience to first take the gospel to all people groups. There is a church community in practically every politically-defined country of the world. Praise God! Among these countries, however, are approximately 22,000 nations (people groups) of which about 10,000 still do not have a viable, indigenous, evangelizing church movement! These are the world’s unreached peoples.

Father, we look to You to lead us as we take the gospel to these still unreached nations.

Sunni Muslim Arabs in Macedonia

Who is an Arab? Is it someone from a particular Middle Eastern country? Is it someone who is Muslim? Is it someone who speaks Arabic? Arabs’ physical, geographical, and religious aspects vary greatly, but the ability to speak Arabic and identification with the Arabic culture are probably the two most essential elements. There are over 200 million Arabs who make up the majority populations of 22 nations. A great number of Arabs constitute the Arab Diaspora living all over the world. Their increased exposure to Western culture has often caused conflict and tension with their traditional culture and between generations.

One country seeing a growing presence of Arabs is Macedonia, already a nation with a volatile mix of peoples and religions. With the rapid escalation of the radicalization of the young Islamic population, distrust abounds. Radical Islam is a new phenomenon in Macedonia and is being closely monitored by the government. However, with the dispersion of Arabs to Western countries like Macedonia, there comes the opportunity to interact with them and share the truth about Jesus and his love for them.

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Pray that without the religious restraints of many Arab nations, evangelists will take advantage of the religious freedom existing in Macedonia to reach these Arab ex-patriots with the gospel of Jesus Christ.-JS

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