Daily Topic for February 26, 2007

Mk. 11:12-14, 20-22
"May no one eat fruit from you again"

This act of cursing a fig tree is a warning for us. What Jesus saw in the temple was despicable to Him. This temple was no longer a ‘house of prayer for all nations,’ but a ‘den of robbers.’ Jesus had come looking for fruit among His own in Jerusalem, but found none. Jerusalem, and its people had lost its purpose-to be a light to the nations. God’s only recourse, 40 years after Jesus’ death and resurrection, was to use Rome to destroy Jerusalem and the temple. Jesus’ cursing of the fig tree was a warning to God’s people not to neglect His purposes.

Father, consecrate Your Church to fulfill the work for which You have called us in this generation.

Sunni Muslim Yoruk People of Macedonia

“During the night Paul had a vision of a man of Macedonia standing and begging him, ‘Come over to Macedonia and help us’”(Acts. 16.9). The result was that Paul answered that call, visited Philippi and established the first church in Europe.

Modern day Macedonia’s and the biblical Macedonia’s borders are not exactly identical. Modern Macedonia is a land-locked country bordered by Greece, Albania, Bulgaria, and Yugoslavia. In fact, until 1992 when it gained its independence, Macedonia was part of what was once Yugoslavia. It is still in need of help. Ethnic tensions between the predominantly Slavic people and the growing number of Albanians immigrating there calls for great diplomacy on the part of its leaders. Other minorities and their demands and claims add to the volatile mix of people, ideas, and religions.

One minority group is the Yoruk, a Turkic-speaking Sunni Muslim people, primarily inhabiting the mountains of the southeast Balkan Peninsula. Originally nomads, more and more the Yoruk are settling in towns and giving up their nomadic lifestyle. There are conflicting ideas regarding their ancestry and origin, but they are distinctly different from the Slavic population. The Global Prayer Digest (GPD) has almost never featured the Yoruk people before.

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Pray that GPD readers will remember to pray for the Yoruk long after today, and that evangelists will heed the modern Macedonian call. Pray that Yoruk hearts will be open to Jesus, the only savior.-JS

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