Daily Topic for February 24, 2007

Mk. 7:29
"For such a reply, you may go; the demon has left your daughter"

Jesus’ response to this Greek woman reveals significant truth and implications for world mission. Mark records this incident immediately following Jesus’ teaching that uncleanness comes from what a man thinks, not from what he touches. Traditions of the Pharisees and teachers of the law virtually excluded anyone other than Jews from ever hoping to be ceremonially clean. By contrast, Jesus looked at people’s hearts. He responded to their faith, regardless of background, culture, or “ceremonial cleanness.”

Father, we want to exercise our faith to claim the goal for which Your Son died-the true cleansing of the nations.

Sunni Muslim Lipka Tatars

About 3,000 Lipka Tatars live in close-knit colonies scattered throughout Poland. They are descendents of the successor states to the Mongol Empire of Ghengis Khan. Lipka Tatars settled in the mainly Christian Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth around the 14th century. They have incorporated many Christian religious elements, while still maintaining their Muslim religion and traditions of their nomadic past. Tatars differ from most Islamic communities in their treatment of women; Tatar women have the same legal status as men. Women are not required to wear a veil, and girls may attend school alongside of the boys.

Throughout the centuries, the Tatars have fought valiantly for their adopted homeland. They joined the Polish army in the Battle of Vienna (1683) that was to turn the tide and prevent further Islamic expansion into Europe. As a result of their consistent loyalty, the Polish do not treat the Tatars as a second-class minority, but as equal compatriots. A new, modern mosque has been built in Gdansk, and Tatar cultural centers have been established in Bialystok and Warsaw.

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Pray that the Lipka Tatars in Poland would turn to Jesus Christ as their savior, without losing their cultural identity as Tatars. Pray that converted Tatars would witness boldly to their friends and neighbors.-JWS

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