Daily Topic for February 21, 2007

Matt. 12:18, 21/Is. 42:1-4
"He will proclaim justice to the nations.... In His Name the nations will put their hope"

This prophetic utterance of Isaiah describes the ministry of our Lord. In the midst of hostility, rejection, and plots against His life, He would still lead justice to victory. He would do it without quarreling or shouting in the streets. His victory is for all nations and in His Name the nations will find their hope. Hallelujah! He is still bringing about victory today. Have you recognized this victory?

Lord, help us to live in this victory from day to day!

Azeris In Estonia

Zeki chased his cousin around the “gazma,” the large dwelling where nearly 40 members of his extended family lives. “There, I saved you!” Zeki laughed as he grabbed his companion from the edge of a tall landing overlooking a sidewalk three stories below. “That’s only because I wanted you to,” his cousin giggled in return, both boys oblivious to the danger.

Zeki’s mother works outside the home and religious practices are somewhat less restrictive for Azeri women than other Muslim groups. She is one of about 2,000 Azeris living in Estonia; the rest are scattered throughout central Asia.

Most Estonian Azeris live in the town of Tallinn, where Habib, Zeki’s clan leader, is spearheading a big project. Habib is persuading the Azeris to build an enormous mosque in Tallinn to serve all of the Muslim community. It is estimated to cost 40 million US Dollars. “No problem,” Habib says, “There are 50 million Azeris in the world, one dollar each would more than take care of it.”

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Pray for a strong witness to Azeris coming from the mostly Lutheran and Orthodox Christians in Estonia. Pray that God will open doors for Christian businessmen to share Christ with the Azeris. Pray that many Azeris will be “saved because they want to be” just like Zeki’s cousin, and that they will then flood the Islamic world with their witness of Jesus.-PE

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