Daily Topic for February 09, 2007

Nah. 1:5
"The mountains quake before Him.... The earth trembles at His presence, the world and all who live in it"

In Jonah we read of God’s grace toward Nineveh. In Nahum we read of Nineveh’s final destruction. Surrounding nations had suffered from her cruelty, but God remembered them (1:2) and came in fury to bring about Nineveh’s downfall. Nahum reminds us that God deals with all peoples in complete justice. To those who turn to Him, He is compassionate (1:7), but to those who defy Him He brings punishment (1:9).

Holy God, we worship You. Use our testimony to call the rulers of our day to humble submission to Your Word.

Muslim Avar People of Dagestan

Picture the steepest mountains. Imagine a massive stone wall guarding a narrow pass to these mountains. Add a people so rugged and independent that they terraced the mountains to tame them! The mighty Persian Empire failed to conquer them. Alexander the Great followed suit. Mohammed’s armies did not prevail, though his religion did. Finally, from the north came their conqueror: Russia.

These are the Avars. Located mostly in the Russian republic of Dagestan, their rugged mountains stand as symbols of a rugged people. Their long history marks them as distrusting of all outsiders. Tradition says the apostle Bartholomew was martyred in their region.

Even today, Christianity remains associated with their Russian conquerors. As a result, Evangelical witnesses must find other ways to lead Avars to faith. Some have worked with humanitarian agencies as a means to witness for “Isa Masikh” (Jesus Messiah). But even these agencies were forced out of the country by the government. Meanwhile a handful of faithful witnesses seek to establish a foothold among these Muslims.

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Pray that these witnesses will build trusting relationships with their neighbors. Pray that Christ will reveal himself to key leaders. Pray that the government will accept the benefit from outside help, and that the Holy Spirit will protect his workers.-EF

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