Daily Topic for February 02, 2007

Joel 2:28, 32
"And afterward, I will pour out My Spirit on all people.... And everyone who calls on the Name of the Lord will be saved"

Once again we find a prophet faithfully proclaiming doom to the sinful children of Israel, but in the midst of judgment we hear God calling, “Give Me all your hearts” (2:12). We see His desire to miraculously save them (2:20-27). There is judgment, too, for the nations that harmed Israel. Yet God promised to pour out His Spirit on them also if they would only call upon His Name.

Heavenly Father, thank You for loving mankind so much that in the midst of judgment You still offer salvation. Give us that same kind of love. Use us to bring salvation and healing to the peoples of the earth.

Tuvin People of Siberia, Russia

(Continued from yesterday) In 1995, after I was baptized in a church, I received an invitation to come to Romania to study in a seminary. When I arrived there, I discovered that I not only had to learn a new language, but was supposed to study for five years. When I realized that I did not need this, I was sent instead to Moldavia to study for three years. While studying there I found I was growing as a Christian and receiving spiritual blessings.

In 1997 I had a revelation to pray for my own nation, for the Even people. Then in 1998 I started a ministry to the Evenki, Chukchia, Yukagir, and Yakutia peoples. That year, in our area there was only one church and the members were not local people at that time. They were mostly Russians and Ukrainians. A year later, there was a home group started in one Chukchi village. In two years, another two churches were started for Yukagir and Even peoples. And when we started to minister outside of our church, I noticed that more nationals began coming to our mother church as well.

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Please pray for God to richly bless me more as a preacher because there is a need for God’s people to grow spiritually. Pray for open doors into these ethnic groups so that more can come to know Jesus.

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