Daily Topic for January 31, 2007

Dan. 10:13
"But the Prince of the Persian Kingdom resisted me 21 days. Then Michael, one of the chief princes, came to help me, because I was detained there with the king of Persia."

This comment made by the angel of the Lord to Daniel gives us some insight into what happens when we pray. We know from this passage that the Lord responds to our prayers. In this case, he sent His angel to Daniel. But notice that the answer to this prayer was delayed because of the work of the enemy, the Prince of Persia. It may take much regular prayer before the Lord breaks through the spiritual darkness. Will you be one who prays until the Lord is victorious?

Father, show me if I am to be one who continues to pray for the peoples we lifted up this month.

The Lord’s Hand on MANI 2006

An African Proverb states, “The man who beats the drum doesn’t know how far the sound goes.” The drumbeat has resounded, and African believers are responding in united prayer! Prayer is a good thing and the people of the Movement for Africa National Initiatives (MANI) know it for a fact.

MANI reports, “Together we prayed, and the Lord graciously answered! MANI 2006 gathered together 520 leaders of influence from 65 countries. Nearly every African nation was represented by a delegation of high-level leaders representing the major sections of the Body of Christ. Our hearts were bound together with the compelling convictions that Africa’s hour has come and that we fully embrace the responsibilities to complete the Great Commission in Africa and make a major contribution to global mission.”

They call this conference a “convergence with a purpose,” describing direct steps and massive prayer mobilization for the evangelism and transformation. Another step is developing a database for collecting and disseminating needed information to African workers.

MANI representatives ask for our prayers to increase their wisdom, courage, creativity and perseverance. Pray that the African Church may be empowered by the Holy Spirit to boldly evangelize and disciple the unreached in Africa. Pray for God to direct MANI’s consultation for reaching Francophone West Africa. They thank you for echoing the drumbeat far and wide…for God’s glory in Africa and the world!-JC

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