Daily Topic for January 22, 2007

Dan. 2:47
"The king said to Daniel, 'Surely your God is the God of gods and the Lord of kings.'"

According to the customs in the Ancient Near East, each group of people lived in the service of their own god, whom they worshiped and served in exchange for his protection and blessing. Nebuchadnezzar himself acknowledged Marduk as his god. The defeat of Judah had supposedly marked their God as a lesser deity, unworthy of worship by the mightier king of Babylon. However, through the faithful testimony of Daniel and his friends, Nebuchadnezzar was confronted with the glory and power of Yahweh, God of Judah and God of the nations. In this case God used the interpretation of dreams to reveal Himself to the great king. Later He used other demonstrations of His great power to convince Nebuchadnezzar and others of His supremacy.

Father, use the faithful service of Your children to reveal Your power and love to the mighty of our day.

Muslim Songhai People

In Songhai society, the father is supreme; wives and children may not address him by his name, only by “Baaba,” meaning “Father.” All eyes must be downcast before him. His word is law. However, members of his family may plead with him three times. If the answer is no after the third try, they must drop the matter.

The two to three million Songhai people live along the Niger River in Mali and Niger. Some dwell in the lush river valleys while others eke out an existence in the desert where temperatures have reached 150 degrees. Nearly 100 percent Sunni Muslim, at least in name and custom, Songhai beliefs center mostly around sorcery and the spirit world. Their eyes are blinded to the truth of the gospel.

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Pray for Songhai eyes to be unveiled, the JESUS Film to be translated and disseminated and hearts to open to salvation through Jesus alone. Pray that dark spiritual forces will be bound and Christian workers will gain favor and a hearing among these very closed people. Pray for Christian servants to reach out in practical ways and that the Songhais will learn about the loving Father who desires to save them through His Son, Jesus.-PE

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