Daily Topic for January 09, 2007

Song 2:4, 5
"He has taken me to the banquet hall, and His banner over me is love. Strengthen me with raisins, refresh me with apples."

Oh, how great a love our Savior has bestowed upon us! His is greater than the love between a man and his wife. As a woman enjoys the loving protection of her husband, so all who know Jesus are under the protection of His love. His banner over us is love. But what about those who don’t know Him-those who have not heard? Yes, He loves them, too. Have they no right to hear, that they may be strengthened and refreshed by His love?

Loving Lord Jesus, refresh our sense of responsibility to share Your love with all the peoples of the earth.

Manga Kanuri People of Niger

Standing tall and carrying a veneer of dignity, the Manga Kanuris are a handsome and beautiful people. Hospitality and friendliness characterize their lives. An estimated 280,000 Manga Kanuris inhabit the desert and semi-desert regions of Niger, and about 200,000 live in the Lake Chad area of Nigeria. Their lives are often hard because of desert storms, shortages of water and even droughts. Farming, raising cattle and camels are their main sources of livelihood.

They strongly guard their Sunni Muslim faith. Most are superstitious and wear charms and amulets around their necks or carry them. They believe these charms protect against evil spirits and ensure good childbirth, protection from spirits of the dead, disease, poverty, drought and crop failure. They are against any form of Christian proselytizing. God has worked through loving and patient missionaries, and for the first time about 10 Manga Kanuri people have put their faith in Christ! Christian workers are beginning to translate Bible stories into Manga to use in explaining God’s Word to them. They are receptive to good story telling as many of them cannot read.

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Pray that there will be sensitive and caring believers who will be part of the Manga Kanuri’s lives and lead them to the Lord through telling them the stories of God’s Word and being living witnesses of His love. Pray that they will be receptive and that whole families will come to believe in the Lord.-PD

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