Daily Topic for January 08, 2007

Song 1:1-2
"Solomon's Song of Songs. Let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth-for your love is more delightful than wine."

Commentators have long sought to fully understand and interpret the meaning of this beautiful love story. Although the story is primarily a celebration of the exquisite love between a man and a woman, it also illustrates the eternal love of the Savior for His lovely bride. Do we love the Lord Jesus Christ, our heavenly bridegroom, with the passion and purity of the love a bride that has for her husband? Do we truly regard His love as the most precious of all forms of pleasure and satisfaction? Do we honor His longing for a bride who is both beautiful and complete?

Lord Jesus, fill our hearts with love in response to Your great love for us. Give us the vision You have for a bride from every people, tribe, tongue, and nation.

Muslim Hausa People of Nigeria

Wearing billowing pantaloons, the Hausa dancers whirled as if they were flying in the air! They leaped and spun round and round. Their voluminous pants filled with air, puffing out like gigantic balloons. Dancers started to look like moving hurricanes. The crowd of Nigerians was thrilled because these dancers were preparing for the triumphal entrance by their beloved emir.

Northern traders introduced Islam to the Hausa people about AD 1500. It became the religion of the region’s rulers and courts while the majority continued to follow Animistic beliefs. Then in the 19th Century, Muslim scholars started reforms in which they sought to draw all Hausas to become serious followers of Islam.

There are about 26 million Hausa people in northern Nigeria, and almost all of them are strict Muslims. Only a small number are Christians and these believers are faced with prejudice and intense persecution that has recently increased.

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Pray that Hausa believers will experience God’s protection, encouragement and strength to lead others to knowing Him as their Savior. Pray that the completed Bible translation in Hausa will reach the hearts of many Muslim Hausas. Pray that their emir, who expressed his disapproval of Islamic terrorism and a belief in religious tolerance, will bring forth more liberty and justice for Hausa Christians.-PD

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