Daily Topic for January 04, 2007

Prov. 29:18
"Where there is no revelation, the people cast off restraint; but blessed is he who keeps the law."

Murder. Robbery. Homosexuality. Assassinations. Child abuse. Drug abuse. This litany of horrors sounds like the front pages of our world’s newspapers, doesn’t it? The Bible gives the explanation: Where there is no revelation of God’s law, people cast off the restraints that govern social behavior. Where God’s Word and Christ’s Church are not resident, the uninhibited forces of sin and selfishness ravage peoples and societies. But where messengers of good news have come to proclaim and demonstrate the way of love, and where men and women have congregated in believing fellowships, salt and light combat the decay and darkness.

Lord Jesus, we hear and obey Your command to take the revelation of Your holiness and grace to the 10,000 unreached peoples.

Voodoo Adherents in West Africa

Were you using the Global Prayer Digest (GPD) on Feb. 29, 2004? If so, you had the privilege of changing Haiti’s recent history. That day, 45,000 GPD readers prayed for the spiritual forces of Voodoo to be bound. That same day, the president of Haiti, who wanted Voodoo to become an official religion in his country, took a one-way flight out of the country never to return!

Voodoo has its origins in West Africa. It was institutionalized by a 17th Century royal kingdom located in modern-day Benin. The government in Benin now sanctions Voodoo as an official religion along with Christianity and Islam.

Voodoo beliefs keep thousands of West Africans and Haitians away from Christ. Voodoo adherents address their worship and prayers not to God, but to Legba, an obscene idol whom they believe is an intermediary between humanity and the spirit world. They have a variety of deities, none of whom offer them anything but greater wrath from the Almighty. Animistic in substance, Voodoo priests offer adherents various potions to help with daily problems. For example he may give a soccer goalie powder made from herbs and the hand of an ape to make him faster.

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Pray that Legba and the other spirits of Voodoo will be discredited throughout West Africa, especially during next week’s festival in Ouidah, Benin. Pray that Jesus will show Himself powerful, so that those who are deceived by Voodoo will know that they must turn to Him.-KC

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