Daily Topic for January 03, 2007

Prov. 24:11, 12
"Rescue those being led away to death.... If you say, 'But we knew nothing about this,' does not He who weighs the heart perceive it?"

This verse was quoted by Hudson Taylor for the recruiting of workers in the early days of the China Inland Mission. Today millions of people in thousands of unreached people groups continue to be “led away” to death by the evil one. How will we respond? Will we pretend ignorance when we meet Jesus face-to-face? Or, recognizing that He knows our hearts and guards our lives from destruction, will we seek to rescue unreached peoples from a Christless eternity?

Lord Jesus, we remember that we must all appear before Your judgment seat. We commit ourselves again today to “holding back” the unreached peoples by our prayers, our funds, and the missionaries we send.

Global Recordings Network (GRN)

“Please tell all your staff that your materials here are a great hit. The word is out and we have lots of missionaries and pastors from all over the country coming to get cassettes. Everyone is telling us that the messages are excellent. Please extend our thanks and gratitude to all the staff at Global Recordings (formerly known as Gospel Recordings). All your work there makes our work here so much more effective.” So wrote a missionary in Africa to the staff at Global Recordings Network (GRN).

Last year, teams of missionaries showed the JESUS Film and distributed recordings at the same time. People see the JESUS Film, and remember stories from the film by keeping gospel recordings in their own dialect.

In Guinea Bissau and other parts of West Africa where there is a high percentage of unreached people groups, GRN staff spent 13 days distributing recordings and showing the JESUS Film last year. They even distributed them to military personnel and village chiefs. One chief offered to set aside a plot of land to build a place of worship.

Learn more at joshuaproject.net

Pray that a vibrant, evangelistic church will grow on this plot. Pray that those who saw the film and received the recordings will remember what they saw and heard, and embrace Jesus.-KC

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