Daily Topic for December 29, 2006

Ps. 126:6
"He who goes out weeping, carrying seed to sow, will return with songs of joy, carrying sheaves with him"

Whatever our ministry in the harvest field, there will be tears: tears of frustration or of grief. Barriers in cross-cultural seed-planting are particularly hard to break down. Barriers often include a new language, age-old traditions, spiritual blindness, and demonic opposition, as well as illiteracy and poverty. But the blindest eyes can recognize the sower’s compassion, his helping hands, his thoughtful understanding. God’s Word can shatter rocks and hardened clods of earth, enabling the seed to take root and begin to grow. The caring, the helping-and the weeping-often continue for many long years. First the sowing and the nurture, then the harvest and the joy! Then, the singing!

Pray faithfully for God’s laborers in hard fields.

Nubian People of Egypt and Sudan

Hasan, a Nubian, paddled his fishing boat over the still waters of Lake Aswan in Egypt. He viewed the white concrete arch dam that created this lake. Pulling up his net into the boat, Hasan eyed the wriggling fish. After pulling them in, and turning his boat towards shore, he began to think of what happened 40 years ago. His village was flooded by the newly built High Aswan Dam. With a deep sigh, he tried to think of the money he would make by selling fish rather than lamenting his losses as a boy.

The Nubians live in Egypt and Sudan, along the banks of the Nile River. This people group lost a large part of their homeland in 1963 to the High Aswan Dam. Even before that the Nubians had been losing their language, replaced by Arabic. Still earlier, the Nubians had lost their ancestral religion. In 560 almost all Nubians had been Christians. In 640 Arab Muslim invaders began converting the Nubians to Islam, but it took until the 1600s before they were completely Islamized. Today there are few Christians left among the Nubians, according to “Operation World.”

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Pray that God would open the hearts of the Nubians to salvation in Jesus Christ. May God use His Word and dreams and visions to bring this people group back to the faith of their ancestors. Ask God for faithful workers to reach out to the Nubians of Egypt and Sudan.-WK

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