Daily Topic for December 27, 2006

Ps. 102:18-20
"Let this be written for a future generation.... The Lord looked down...from heaven He viewed the earth, to hear the groans of the prisoners and release those condemned to death"

Throughout the world today, prisons are full of criminals, political dissidents, and those imprisoned for religious convictions. Without Christ we are all prisoners to sin, under the sentence of death. Christ came to bring life to all who call upon His Name. But how can they call on His Name unless they have heard?

Pray today for those who are doubly imprisoned-both physically and spiritually. Pray for those attempting to bring light to these dark places.

Folk Islamic Tigrean People of Eritrea

A cool breeze from the Red Sea tickles the Tigrean mother’s arms as she smoothes out the mud patch on the outside wall of her family’s summer hut. It’s not an easy thing to haul water for her large family and patch the hut while keeping an eye on her seven children. The older children must watch over their younger siblings. Her husband is out somewhere in the hills watching the cows and goats.

She speaks a language that has no alphabet and no written form. Like 80 percent of the Tigrean people in Eritrea, she can’t read. Most of these 961,000 people are semi-nomadic. They live in huts in the highlands in the summer and migrate to the lowlands in the winter. Their villages usually have only two or three huts.

About 99 percent of Tigreans profess the Muslim faith, but most also observe traditional beliefs such as animal sacrifice and rain-making rituals. How will they hear unless someone goes?

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Pray for missionaries with a heart for the Tigrean people, and who are willing and able to learn their unwritten language. Pray they will hear the living word of God, and their hearts will soften to Jesus, their only Savior. Pray the God of the Universe will send rain to their arid country, and that they will give Him the glory.-JWS

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