Daily Topic for December 23, 2006

Luke 2:32
"For my eyes have seen Your salvation, which You have prepared in the sight of all people, a light for revelation to the Gentiles"

As wise old Simeon took the little baby Jesus in his arms, he prophetically saw the impact this little life would have upon the world. Not only was He the glory of the people of Israel, but also the light for Gentile peoples. While the focus of Jesus’ earthly ministry was to be on the Jews of Palestine, the Bible records how often Jesus also ministered to non-Jews. The Spirit He would send at Pentecost would be the power for His Church’s rapid expansion into the Gentile world.

Father, reveal the Light of Life to the unreached peoples. Shine brightly in our lives, and send many from among us to them as a witness of that Light.

Muslim Somalis of Somalia

It was once influential in the lucrative spice trade. There was great wealth there, but now it is one of the poorest countries in the world. Its government collapsed in 1991, and in its vacuum civil war and anarchy have reigned. The country is Somalia.

Warlords have terrorized the country, fragmenting it and even conscripting young boys to carry out murders, extortions, and carnage. An entire generation of youth has had very little education and no chance to acquire skills for making a living. Even humanitarian workers face multiple obstacles and extortion by warlords to get supplies to starving and thirsty people. Piracy rules the surrounding seas, and ships have been warned to steer clear of Somalia’s coast.

A provisional government is struggling to gain control, but it is being overshadowed both by the militias and by those who are fighting to make Somalia an Islamic state.

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Pray that God will break the Somalis of their pride and usher in a time of spiritual refreshing that will lead them to Christ. Pray that Somalis will come to recognize their need for Jesus and turn to Him for healing and forgiveness. Pray that SIM International’s weekly short-wave radio program, “Voice of New Life,” will lead many Somalis to Jesus.-JS

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