Daily Topic for December 20, 2006

Is. 40:5
"And the glory of the Lord shall be revealed, and all flesh shall see it together"

When we listen to great music like Handel’s Messiah, we get a foretaste of inspiration we will experience when Christ returns and “all flesh shall see it together.” Every tribe, tongue, nation, and people will be represented on that day. But preceding this powerful revelation to “all flesh” is the Christmas event. Humility comes before honor. So often in our endeavors we are looking for glory without paying the price of humility. But God in Jesus Christ set the standard.

Lord Jesus, we worship You as the One Who humbled Yourself that the peoples might have life. Be exalted, O Lord, among the nations, as we bear witness to Your grace.

-Digo People of Kenya

The Digo people fled their homeland six to eight hundred years ago, settling along the coast of Kenya in thick forests for security. After the coming of Europeans the Digos left their forest fortresses but still considered the forests sacred for communicating with ancestral spirits and for sacrificial offerings. These 500,000 people are fearful of witchcraft and evil spirits. They consider themselves to be Muslims, though spirit worship controls their daily lives.

Translators have begun a Digo New Testament as well as part of the Old Testament, but it will take perhaps another two years to complete. A dictionary is available, listing Digo words and phrases alphabetically, but the literacy rate among the Digo is about 50 percent, and most women do not read at all. There are very few churches and a minimal number of people attend.

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Pray that they will fear God and turn away from lesser deities that are not gods at all. Pray for entire Digo families to come to Christ. Pray for the translation work and for funding for the work itself. Some tapes of the gospel are recorded in the Digo language but there needs to be JESUS Film videos as well as Christian radio for better understanding.-MH

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