Daily Topic for December 19, 2006

Is. 11:10
"In that day the root of Jesse shall stand as an ensign (banner, sign) to the peoples; Him shall the nations seek"

More than any other prophet, Isaiah was one who built Israel’s expectation of their coming Savior. The name “root of Jesse” clearly indicates the Savior’s ancestry in the royal family of Israel. Because of Isaiah’s testimony here and elsewhere, the Jews of that day should have understood how important the Messiah would become to peoples all over the world! This “root of Jesse,” this Son of David would not merely execute judgment on the nations, but also bring the way of love and salvation. He was to be not only Israel’s King, but also the world’s Savior.

Risen Savior, we praise You as the Banner of the unreached peoples!

Daasanach People of East Africa

Marko’s family had been waiting 14 years for his birth! He was an answer to prayer. At his birth, his relatives “baptized” him with coffee. Another exclaimed that his liver was hurting from so much excitement.

Then the Daasanach people began to sing songs in their traditional style. This is how the Gospel of Mark was received recently among the eight Daasanach clans near Lake Turkana. Only five percent, however, can read. All the Scriptures they have include the Gospel of Mark, Genesis, Exodus, and Acts. Therefore, Women Organized for Reading and Development (WORD) and the Kenyan Bible Literacy and Translation Program teach women and children how to read. Others learn the Word from audio-tapes prepared by local church elders.

Though the Daasanach people have the opportunity to hear the gospel, and some have responded, they are still an unreached people group. Most of them still depend on the spirit world rather than in the blood of Christ.

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Pray that the Bible audio tapes, Christian music, and literacy classes will prepare more Daasanachs to welcome Bible books into their families’ lives. Thank God for missionaries from the Reformed Church of America, SIM International, and Wycliffe Bible Translators, who are preparing more Daasanach people of Kenya, Ethiopia, Sudan, and Tanzania, to join God’s family. Pray for those learning to read, that they will open their hearts to receive the Word’s message to the point that their livers will “hurt” with tears of joy.-TP

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