Daily Topic for December 09, 2006

Ps. 9:11
"Sing praises to the Lord, enthroned in Zion; proclaim among the nations what He has done"

This shout of praise follows the declaration that God reigns forever. “He will govern” all peoples with justice. David continues (verse 15), “The Lord is known by His justice.” The wicked are fallen and the needy remembered! What a day when the glory of God fills all the earth! We shall then see, before God’s throne, an innumerable throng “from every nation, tribe, people, and language” (Revelation 7:9). But today it is not so. Nearly half of earth’s people have never had a valid opportunity to respond to the good news of life in Christ Jesus. Nearly 10,000 nations, tribes, peoples, and languages have not yet been told of Him.

Father, we know Your Word promises that all nations will be represented before Your throne. Give us the courage to do our part in hastening that day!

Animistic Himba Peoples of Namibia

For the Himba people of northwestern Namibia, even married women, who often have several lovers, scoff at the idea of sexual purity. The men with wealth have several wives, and many others have none. Those who do have wives usually live far from them for a good part of the year. Not surprisingly, promiscuity and the spread of HIV/AIDS is becoming more pronounced, according to a September, 2003 article published by the Red Cross. As animists, the Himba peoples do not understand the importance that the God of the Universe gave us for being faithful to our spouses. The tragic results will intensify, barring a miracle of God.

Adding to the problem of AIDS is the legacy of ever-present conflicts. Nearly every ethnic group in this part of the world carries scars from conflicts that require reconciliation rather than the usual destructive cycle of revenge and unforgiveness. Reconciliation and healing through faith in Christ is the answer.

It is sad to see one person die a physical death. But to see one die without Christ is to remove all hope for eternity. The Himba peoples have difficult choices to make. An understanding of how to deal with self-destructive cultures tempered with God’s message will enable some to survive. Will you love these people enough to pray that they embrace Christ and His ways?

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Pray for the Himba peoples to embrace the only One who can heal them of their many problems, as well as give them eternal life.-CI

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