Daily Topic for December 08, 2006

Ps. 2:8-9
"You are My Son.... Ask of Me, and I shall give the nations for Your inheritance.... You will break them with a rod of iron"

Here the Father makes the very ends of the earth to be the possession of His beloved Son. In Revelation 2:26-27, harkening back to the truth of this psalm, Jesus says, “To him who overcomes and does My will to the end, I will give authority over the nations… just as I have received authority from My Father.” And the Great Commission itself is based on this same authority delegated to faithful believers: All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to Me. Therefore, go and make disciples of all nations (Matthew 28:18-19). With such authority, we need never be timid or apologetic about our mission!

Jesus, thank You for the authority we have in Your Name!

Hindu and Muslim Gujarati people of Zambia

Would it be fair to describe the Hindu and Muslim Gujaratis in Zambia as spiritually trapped? The Bible is available in Gujarati. There are African Christians all around them, and missionaries from South Africa and Tanzania, according to “Operation World.” However, the Gujaratis, most of whom are in successful businesses, seldom mix socially with the black African Christians in Zambia.

“How can I understand, unless someone explains it to me?” was the desperate plea of the Ethiopian eunuch. (Acts 8:31.) This could easily be the plea of the Gujarati. About 30 percent of the Gujarati are fiercely loyal to Allah, and despise the idol worship of the other 70 percent who are Hindu. The Hindu group is terrified of the laws of karma, and so they go to great lengths to demonstrate their devotion to the gods, perform acts of charity, and show mercy toward humans and animals, in the desperate hope of reaching “moksha,” a mysterious state of the soul from which the soul never returns.

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Pray for the efforts of SIM International missionaries to bear lasting fruit and bring Gujaratis to put their faith in Christ alone. Pray that the Hindu Gujarati will be set free from their belief in endless rebirth by the new birth offered by Jesus.-CH

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