Daily Topic for November 30, 2006

2 Kings 19:19
"O Lord our God, I pray deliver us from his hand that all the kingdoms of the earth may know that Thou alone, O Lord, are God."

Sennacherib and the Assyrian army had laid siege to Hezekiah and the officials of Judah within the walls of Jerusalem. Assyrian army officials taunted Hezekiah and his God in a written message, and so Hezekiah went to the temple and spread out the scroll before the Lord in prayer. And for what did he ask? For deliverance, yes, but deliverance with a purpose-so that all kingdoms of earth, including the Assyrians, would know that only Jehovah is God. How often do we, when pressed by adversity or personal need, ask God to further His purposes among the nations by meeting our needs? Hezekiah was able to do so in sincerity and confidence, and God both delivered Judah and brought glory to Himself.

Lord God, we pray that in the crises of our lives, we will faithfully seek You. May Your answers be those which will glorify You among the nations.

Bahrain Arabs

“Why can’t we live like our cousins?” the teenaged Arab girl asked her mother, folding her arms. “They get to dress differently; they don’t wear a veil, and they both have jobs. And they get to watch more than just news on television.” “Your cousins are becoming more like pagan Westerners all the time,” the girl’s mother snapped. “Your father doesn’t even want you to go to Bahrain.”

Comments like this are common in the Arab world. They criticize the Bahrainis for not being strict enough about their traditional Islamic religious values. While the women still wear head coverings and long sleeves, fewer wear traditional veils than in previous years. Many Bahraini women are employed and have more opportunities and privileges than most Arabic women.

More than most Arab nations, Bahrain, a cluster of islands off the eastern coast of Saudi Arabia, has grown increasingly open to Western influence. The Bahraini people are more cosmopolitan than other Arabs because Bahrain has been a trade center and port for centuries. While Bahrain is the smallest country in the Arab world, it is the most thickly populated with 529,000 people. Though there are churches in Bahrain, these churches are filled with expatriates. Bahraini Arabs are almost entirely Sunni Muslim.

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Pray that Bahrain will be used as a gateway for the gospel into all of Arabia. Pray for God to build up a strong church filled with Bahraini Arab believers.-PS

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