Daily Topic for November 27, 2006

2 Sam. 7:29
"Now be pleased to bless the house of Your servant that it may continue forever in Your sight; for You, O sovereign Lord, have spoken."

David proposed to build a house (a sanctuary) for God. God responded by promising to build a house (a lineage) for David, and David replied with an astonished “Amen!” Parents who love the Lord want their children and grandchildren-indeed all their descendants-to love the Lord and to serve Him. And yet, as the Abrahamic covenant (Genesis 12:2-3) reveals, God blesses us because He expects through us to bless the world. He loves us, but He also loves the world’s peoples as well. What kind of father gives all his attention to only one of his many children? And what kind of father would allow the older, blessed son to callously ignore the cries of his other, hurting son?

O Lord, how thankful we are that some of Your children brought the gospel to our fathers. Help us to be faithful to take it to those peoples who still have little or no opportunity to respond to Your offer of forgiveness and hope.

Saudi Arabs

Saudi Arabs live with much confusion and change. Some want to change textbooks so they don’t teach an ideology of “us versus them.” These divisive textbooks are still used in Saudi-run schools even in Washington, London and Paris. Students learn to hate unbelievers, including Christians and Jewish people. Yet Saudi Arabia is an “ally” of the United States, which is not a Muslim nation. They must wonder, “Who is my friend and who is my enemy?”

Dramatic changes are taking place in Saudi Arabia. Economic pressure and globalization are playing their part to make changes in what is acceptable. Saudi women are starting businesses, though this would have been impossible just five years ago. On one hand, the first Saudi Arabian film made in 2006 stars a woman. On the other hand, King Abdullah told Saudi editors to stop publishing pictures of women (even in Muslim dress).

What are the Saudi people to think?

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Pray that God will show Saudi people that Satan is their real enemy, and that Jesus is a true friend that they can depend on in these times of change. Pray that changes in Saudi Arabia will give them chances to put their trust in Jesus rather than the laws of the Koran.-AK

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