Daily Topic for November 25, 2006

2 Sam. 7:23
"What other nation in all the earth has received such blessings as Israel, Your people? You have rescued Your chosen nation in order to bring glory to Your Name."

How easy it is to assume that God has blessed us as individuals, as a church, or as a nation because we deserve it or simply because He loves us. He does love us-that is true. But His motivation is far deeper-He wants to bring glory to His name before the peoples of the world who still do not know Him. He relentlessly seeks to draw them to Himself. It is always the lost sheep which concern Him most.

Dear Lord, may we bring honor to Your Name by proclaiming Your faithfulness to people at home and abroad.

Culturally Sensitive Work Among Bedouins

She sat and broke bread with the group of Bedouin women and children, and at the same time told stories that fascinated them. She was clothed in the appropriate Bedouin garb, but she was not a Bedouin; she was European, and a Christian at that! 

Sarah Greene (name changed) went to the Middle East at age 21, and after four years was fluent in Arabic and the Arab culture. She had a deep love for these people, but it was after her marriage to Matthew who had earned his Ph.D. in Nomadic Studies that she felt compelled to minister directly to the Bedouins. “Matthew was already intending to work among the Bedouins when I met him, so I had to consider whether I’d be willing. But when I realized that nobody was reaching these people, and that they were lost without Jesus, I knew I had to go.”

Bedouins make up 10 percent of the population of the Middle East. Bedouin hospitality is famous, and they especially appreciate Sarah’s and Matthew’s visits and help. Both believe the key to reaching Bedouins with the gospel lies in using culture-friendly methods. The people love to listen to stories, and the men sing tales and poetry. These are great tools for communicating the gospel.

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Thank the Lord for people who work with nomadic peoples. Pray for others to be called to endure harsh conditions to carry the Bread of Life to those who have never had a chance to taste it.-JS

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